So, I’ve worked in various creative fields in my life, from films, to TV, to photography, to cosplay. And whilst I’ve seen some amazing things done by amazing people, one thing has become increasingly clear to me:

Talent Is Bullshit.

Let me explain.

We often talk about talent as if it is innate gift from above, that in the great character creator of life, our maker simply picked that from a skill list. It’s an integral part of who we are. We buy into ideas of prodigies, of that some people are simply better than others at things. And that, is what I can bullshit.

And why? It’s a crutch, a crutch we make for ourselves. Not as good as someone else? She’s more talented than me. Better than someone else? I’m just more talented than him. Either way there is no need to try harder, I’m at my level. The idea of talent makes us lazy and it makes us stupid.

If we buy into the idea that we each have a certain set of inbuilt skills that we can’t change, why even bother?

You know what I believe in? What isn’t bullshit? Hard work.

Now, I’m not selling some sort capitalist happy worker world here, fuck your job.

This is not about your job. It’s about work.

Want to be the best footballer in the world? Practise every damn day. Want to write? Write everyday. Write utter crap every day, steaming piles of crappy word after crappy word. But then after a while, they will be a bit less crap, then they might actually get good. Have a dream? Work at it. Paints, run, fight, craft, think, count. Whatever it is you want, you need to work at it.

Everything is a muscle, it needs exercise to grow,

So yeah, talent is bullshit.

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