So, I Made A New Thing

Despite having done The Prestige for coming on three years now, I still feel like a relative newbie to the podcasting world, I’m still finding my feet. And a large part of that is finding the shows I want to make. My love of films is (hopefllu) evident in The Prestige shows but I’ve struggled to find a place to bring my other joys out.

One of those joys is gaming, specifically tabletop roleplay games, D&D and whatnot. D&D is having a bit of a renaissence at the mo, in no small way to the dual triumphs of Critical Role and Adventure Zone and it’s great to see a hobby that has been a backbone of my life for years finally getting the recognition it deserves.

I got my first taste of the D20 life back in University, playing 3.5 crowded around a friends bed in a cramped dorm room. I vaguely recall playing as a wizard and using Mage Hand to single-handedly destroy a whole terrorist army who had decided to store their two-part explosives in open barrels near each other. I also have memories of training in two-handed axe fighting, but I feel that may have been a different character. (interesting side-note, the DM of my first campaign is now a bone-fide excellent author)

After Uni, we played here and there, sometimes in person, sometimes on Roll20, even once in an overly complex play-by-email way. But it time, I feel in with a new gaming group in Birmingham, where I had my first real taste of running a campaign.

I even got to take two of them all the way to conclusion.

These games (and running them) has become a larger part of my life and this whole blog post is a long-winded way of saying, I’ve started a show all about it:

Unlike other RPG show, this isn’t going to an actual play show, or a talk show. What is is going to be is a weekly slice of Lore for your games. Sometimes it’s going to be an item or weapon, sometimes a NPC or whole city.

You can get it anywhere you get podcasts, but if you need a help:


I hope you like it!

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