Berkshire Zombie Defense League – Plan Beta

The Occupation And Defense Of Site #2 – Previously known as Vue Cinema, Oracle, Reading. 

Site #2 is only to be used in situations where Site #1 is either unreachable or overrun. Site #1 is still the main objective, refer to Plan Alpha for instructions. Plan Beta should only be invoked in the situation described above.

General Notes

  • Although Site #2 is sizeable, be wary of involving too many people in the initial occupation. Too many voices can only add to the confusion that is inevitable. Once established, it will become an ideal base for refugees and other survivors, but survival of the league must be assured first.
  • Much of Site #2 has been explored and mapped by members of BZDL but some areas (staff quarters/projection booths) are still be mapped. These must be explored in time and designated either Green or Yellow zones. The code for the door off the lobby is 8653

Stage I – Initial Outbreak

  • The first priority is to occupy and defend the 1st Floor Lobby. It has six entrances.
    • Main Stairs. Barring the procurement of low grade explosives, total removal of the main stairs will be impossible. The ideal strategy is removal all side barriers and barricade as much as possible. This plus the height advantage will make defense easy.
    • Escalators. In the event of Stumblers and the retention of mains power, simply turning the bottom escalators into reverse will make this route nigh on impassable for the Zs. Despite this, the posting of two guards is advised. One on the lower plateau and one in the lobby. The lower guard will also serve as an early warning for any attempt on the main stairs. This posting, due to its high pressure and threat level, is to be rotated every two hours. In the event of a Sprinters, this defense will not work. In this case, follow protocol for the main stairs and apply to the escalators.
    • Lift. Either retention of the lift on the 1st floor or total destruction of the electronics will render this route sealed. BZDL advises the first, as it retains it as a possible escape route.
    • Doors Behind Tills. These only go to the stock rooms and thus allow for no entrance.  But make sure they are clear of Zs before declaring them a Green Zone.
    • Entrance To Screens. This is potentially a red zone. The ideal recourse here is to simply seal and barricade. We will deal with later
    • Entrance To Staff Only Areas.  Same as the screens apply here. Seal and Barricade.
  • There will be food and drink enough in the store rooms to see any group through the outbreak. While power remains, all food should be edible. Once the power goes, the bottled drinks will keep as will the bagged sweets. Note that the sausages used in the hot dogs are stored at room temperature and will last for pretty much forever. For further guidance please refer to you Outbreak Food guide. If you can no longer locate your guide, contact the league for a replacement.

Stage II – Reclaim of the Building

  • As the war continues, it will become ideal to expand into the rest of the building. This can be split into three main sections.
    • Staff Only Areas. This is going to the first priority. The reasons for this is two-fold. Firstly, it is likely to be smaller and thus more manageable. Also it is more likely to contain useful salvage (movable furniture, phones, other consumables.). Be aware that it is more than likely that this area has routes to the ground floor and the outside. This is why it must be considered a potential Red Zone. Follow standard protocol and seal all stairs. We are looking to preserve the 1st Floor Only.
    • Screens.   The same applies to this area, consider it Red. Before attempting any of the screens, clear the hallways and seal all the screen doors. This will allow for full containment of any Zs. Each screen must be taken in order, starting next to the lobby, working along that floor and then down to the lower level. Once again, standard protocol is advised. Each screen will only have 2/1 entrances beyond the one from the corridor. These must be sealed and alarmed (standard low-tech issue, glass bottles, tin cans etc). Be aware that all screens on the lower level are to be sealed on exit. We don’t want to be stretched too thin.
    • The Roof. This is only to be attempted once all previous areas are declared Green or Yellow. Roof access will more than likely be in the staff areas. The roof will allow for much better signaling, re-con and may offer some alternate escape routes.
  • Once the above have been achieved, separate screens can be set apart for differing roles (medical, storage, living, sleeping) Note that the sleeping quarters must be guarded heavily as it will be the most defenseless. The lobby is to be maintained as a community hub and base of all defense operations.
  • All old and rotten food must be cleared out, all dairy products (Ben & Jerry’s Stand) must also be disposed of.
  • At this point in the defense, it will become very pertinent to establish proper toilet facilities. As running water will have long ceased, we suggest a simply bucket and plank system. It is things like this that will ease most community tensions and keep people focused.

Stage III – Resupply and Long Term

  • It will, over time, be necessary to venture beyond Site #2 to the surrounding areas, for several reasons
    • Resupply. You will need supplies. There are several point of interest in the surrounds, most noticeably The Oracle. There are several restaurants inside the oracle, raiding these will more than likely be the easiest option. Beyond that there is Sainsburys on Broad St and next to that Marks and Spencers. One of the main items will be water, stock as much up as you can.  Also power will be needed, so sourcing Genies from HomeBASE (by the prison) must become a concern.
    • Escape Routes. Although we are hoping it will never come to this, you must plan for the eventuality that you have to retreat from Site #2.
    • Car Park. Set up a line from the lobby to the Riverside Car Park, making sure there are several cars there with petrol in them and primed for an escape.
    • IDR. The Inner Distribution Road runs along the back of Site #2, it will offer a quick route out to the outskirts of Reading. But be warned of Zs trapped in cars or walking amongst the wrecks. Once again make sure vehicles are waiting for you.
    • Queens Road Car Park. If a route can be achieved over the roofs of the casino and the bank into the Car Park, it will be an alternate route. This one is much riskier but will allow you to get further away without any ground contact.
    • Sewers. Only to ever be used as a last resort. Very dangerous.

As always, survival of the league is absolute, any others are secondary concerns.

  • Long Term. In the long term, other ideas become viable.
    • Having the river will allow for resupply chains from further afield if a vessel can be sourced. This also offers an new escape route in the event of Site #2 becoming Red.
    • An ideal goal will be the retaking of of the Oracle Riverside. This could be achieved by the destruction of the bridges and the sealing of each end with large vehicles. By dealing with each side in turn, it should be possible to maintain a hard perimeter. Holding The Oracle itself will be next to impossible due to ground floor entrances on every level. Without military support, this is a goal too far.

For further confirmation, contact your league representative. Happy Hunting.

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